Donor Gifts

Donor Gifts

A Token of Gratitude

Everyday is "donor appreciation day" at Community Blood Center. When you register to donate blood with CBC, you will typically receive a small gift, a token of our appreciation. Without your selfless act of kindness, we would not be able to supply critical life-saving blood to local hospitals. Each time you donate, you help save the lives of area patients. You are someone's hero.

Blood Donors are the GOAT T-Shirts

May 3 - Oct. 30 

Any time is the right time to help save a life. That's why blood donors are "The GOAT" - The Greatest of All Time! Collect all three "Blood Donors are the GOAT" t-shirts by registering to donate three times from May 3 through Oct. 30.

May 3 - June 26: Blood Donors are the GOAT blue t-shirt.

June 28 - Aug. 28: Blood Donors are the GOAT green t-shirt.

Aug. 30 - Oct. 30: Cancer Fighters are the GOAT pink and gray t-shirt.

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