Educational Programs

In the Classroom

Blood finds its way into the classroom through literature, biology classes and discussions of the circulatory system. Community Blood Center (CBC) offers a unique perspective on the topic of blood and an award-winning supplemental learning experience to the traditional classroom curriculum.

Why Choose CBC

  • CBC's "Blood 101" Education Program goes directly to the classrooms (pre-school through high school) all across our 15-county region, stimulating young minds with the wonders of blood science, the benefit of blood donations and the life-long value of community service.   
  • Our full-time certified teacher creates a learning environment for students through her classroom presentation, facility tours and use of the L.A.B. (Learning About Blood vehicle).  
  • CBC's education program was built on the foundation of the My Blood Your Blood program created by America's Blood Centers and meets State of Ohio curriculum requirements for science education. 

Pre-K & Elementary Programs

This fun-packed adventure takes the child through the parts of blood. Students learn what color blood is and how it travels through our circulatory system. The students do several activities to stay engaged including making blood (Kool-Aid). The materials include:

  • An activity booklet for the student to keep filled with puzzles, coloring pages and more. 
  • An educational, animated video is provided for the class to watch after the presentation.
  • The LAB is a wonderful tool for this age group.

To schedule a presentation for your class, call 937-461-3453 or email

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"The body sure is amazing"
- Randi Nichols, Graham Elementary, 2nd grade

"My favorite part was all of it"
- Ben, 2nd grade

Middle School Programs

The curriculum is to teach the biology of blood and its function. We talk about certain blood diseases that can affect blood transfusions. The students learn about blood typing and its elements. The life-long value of community service through blood donation is also discussed. The materials that are provided include:

  • A "My Blood, Your Blood" based activity booklet and a classroom set of Kids Discovery, About Blood issue. 
  • The teacher is provided with a teacher's guide and a vocabulary guide.

To schedule a presentation for your, call 937-461-3453 or email

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"Your information is educational and keeps the kids wanting to learn more."
- Tee Pazitney, Kettering Middle School

"Wow! All the responses for your class were excellent. They love your presentation."
- Caroline, Dayton Christian School Nurse.

"The Kids Discovery blood books are a great addition to our circulatory system unit in 7th grade. This is a great tool in teaching students how to read and analyze charts and graphs."
- - Darron Baker, M.EdÔÇÉHealth Teacher

High School Programs 

This is primarily a workshop for high school students prior to their scheduled blood drive. We offer the "Do's and Don'ts" of blood donation. Students learn about making healthy choices to prepare for a successful blood donation. Materials include:

  • A high school booklet based on "My Blood, Your Blood".
  • Other resources such as pamphlets and a testimonial video.

To schedule a presentation for your, call 937-461-3453 or email

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"It was good. The presenter was enthusiastic and made it interesting."
- Jordan, Vandalia High School Student