Giving Back


Even the most prolific donor at CBC begins by giving a single pint of blood. What sets them apart is their relentless dedication to giving frequently over time.

Red Cord Honor Program

Students who register to donate blood three or more times during their high school career earn a Red Cord to wear during graduation events. Seniors must complete the requirement by May 15 (or by the date of their school's final blood drive of the year, whichever is later).  

  • The program recognizes students for their desire and commitment to providing life-saving donations and bolstering the community blood supply.  
  • Students can qualify by registering to donate blood at their participating high school blood drive located in CBC's Ohio and Indiana service area, any CBC community blood drive, or at any CBC branch location
  • Students 17 years of age and older (and age 16 with signed parental consent) are enrolled in the program when they register to donate blood at their participating high school blood drive.
  • Donating blood is an opportunity for teens to volunteer and make a substantial contribution to the community.
Red Honor Cord recipient Austin Pence

Donor for Life

  • "Donor for Life" is a Community Blood Center recognition program honoring and encouraging whole blood and apheresis donors who embark on a lifelong journey of helping save lives.
  • At significant milestone blood donations along the way these donors receive a small gift celebrating their achievement and thanking them for their dedication.
  • DFL gifts include: the 5 LTD t-shirt; 25 LTD long-sleeve t-shirt; 100 LTD jacket; and a jacket or Eddie Bauer fleece vest at 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 lifetime donations!
Img225 - donorforlife