January 19, 2018

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio - Jan. 17 was another chilly winter day in Middletown when Fairfield donor Teresa Senile arrived at Atrium Medical Center.  She didn't see the Community Blood Center Bloodmobile parked in its familiar place, but got a pleasant surprise. Atrium's new monthly blood drive is indoors.

"I've donated when it was outside on the Bloodmobile," said Teresa. "This is good because it's so cold outside!"

Atrium begins 2018 with a new schedule of monthly blood drives, always open to the community, and in the new location of the Atrium Cafe Courtyard Dining Room.  It gives donors in the Middletown region a dependable community center for blood drives, and it's especially convenient for hospital staff.

"I knew they were holding a blood drive," said Nutrition Services staff member Deborah Reed. "I was leaving work and decided to turn back around and donate."

Atrium has been hosting CBC blood drives since the hospital opened in 2007 and grew to six blood drives per year in 2015.  Atrium seemed ready for expansion after hosting eight blood drives in 2017 and averaging 32 donors per blood drive.

Donors welcomed the new schedule and location with strong support for the kick-off blood drive on Jan. 17.  The result was 54 donors and 46 donations for 121 percent of the collection goal.

"I walk right out of the cafeteria and it's here," said Nutrition Services staff member Grace Lutz. Clair Wright, a long-term care nurse in Hamilton, said the Atrium blood drive worked well with her schedule. "I don't work tonight, so I could donate," she said.

"I enjoy doing it," said Housekeeping staff member Tonya Hembree. "I'm able to do it when I'm here and it's kind of nice to have it close by."

Atrium's monthly community blood drives will generally take place on the third Wednesday of the month (the only exception will be the second Wednesday in September).  Hours are always 12 noon to 4 p.m.