June 29, 2018

ENGLEWOOD, Ohio - The July 4th holiday week promises to be a scorcher. But thanks to the annual pre-holiday JD's Old Fashioned Frozen Custard "Give a Pint, Get a Pint Blood Drive" in Englewood on June 28 donors could cool down with a cold treat, and Community Blood Center could go into the holiday with a boost to the blood supply.

It's an Englewood tradition for JD's owner Cindy Gress to sponsor the blood drive in a joint effort with their Union Boulevard neighbor Fairview Brethren in Christ Church.  Everyone who registered to donate at either location received a coupon good for a free pint of JD's Old Fashioned Frozen Custard.

The cool ticket produced hot results.   The CBC Bloodmobile at JD's welcomed 53 donors, including eight first-time donors and 48 donations.  The Great Room at Fairview Brethren was equally busy with 50 donors and 46 donations.  The "Give a Pint, Get a Pint" total was 103 donors and 94 donations for 115 percent of the collection goal.

Englewood's Natalie Rutherford was one of the new donors on the Bloodmobile at JD's. "It's my first time giving blood," she said. "I've never been able to do it before. I was always under the weight limit, but now I'm good! Getting ice cream is a bonus, but it's always good to give blood!"

Cori Blankenship started donating at Northmont High School.  It was an easy decision to support the JD's blood drive, and even easier deciding her favorite flavor.  Lemon sounded refreshing on a hot, humid day, and she said, "I will definitely eat it today!"

Judy Bearbower earned her free pint at the Fairview Brethren blood drive, and her taste in frozen custard was a popular choice. "Probably the lemon," she said. "It's very good!"

Ashley Hall from Englewood brought her children nine-year-old Justin and six-year-old Raelyn aboard the Bloodmobile with plans to share a pint of chocolate custard. Greg White made his milestone 25th lifetime donation at Fairview Brethren with his wife Laura and twin sons Shane and Cody who will turn one on Saturday. "They will probably like vanilla," he said.

"The last few years, I've donated at JD's," said Fairview Brethren donor Connie Gilhooly.  "When I went to make appointment I thought, OK, they're full, so I'll donate here.  I came anyway, not expecting custard and found out I get JD's too!"

Fairview Brethren volunteer Lavon Robinson watched over the donors, making sure they had enough water and a quick snack of homemade cookies before facing the hot, sticky weather outside.

"It couldn't be better," Lavon said about the support for the blood drive. "What brings them out is saving lives and knowing they're doing something worthy.  That's why people come.  They're doing it from the heart."