March 28, 2019

BROOKVILLE, Ohio - Earning top honors for blood drive excellence in 2018 was not enough for Community United Methodist Church and the Brookhaven Retirement Community.  After traditionally co-sponsoring six Community Blood Center blood drives per year they have expanded in 2019 to a new monthly blood drive schedule that includes new opportunities for platelet and plasma donations.

CBC account representative Melinda Frech presented the 2018 Platinum Award in the LifeSaving Ambassadors Club to Community United Methodist and Brookhaven at their Wednesday, March 27 blood drive in the Brookhaven Conference Center.

"It's our pleasure to be able to support the community like this," said Brookhaven Independent Living Director Peg Missimer.   The new monthly schedule coincides with Brookhaven's 40th anniversary celebration this year and Brookhaven residents are frequent supporters of the blood drives.

"We always have a good turn-out," said Peg. "Making sure the blood drive is ready to go when needed is very important.  The Brookhaven Community is a very giving community and giving blood is very heart-felt."

Platinum is CBC's top honor for blood drive sponsors who achieve 100 percent or more of blood drive collection goals.  In 2018 Brookhaven's six blood drives totaled 480 donors and 385 donations.

CBC began 2019 with the mission of recruiting more platelet and plasma donors and providing more opportunity for these donations at community blood drives. Platelets and plasma are clotting agents in blood that are vital for the treatment of cancer, trauma, transplant and burn patients.

The Brookhaven location began taking platelet and plasma donations at the January 2019 blood drive. Wednesday's blood drive totaled 67 whole blood donors and 53 whole blood donations, plus five platelet and plasma donations.

The new monthly blood drive schedule begins with the next Brookhaven blood drive on Wednesday, April 3.   The hours at all the monthly blood drives are 12:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. 

Community United Methodist blood drive coordinator Wayne Wolfe says very little will change for his team of church volunteers. "It just gives me another day to work!" said Wayne. "We'll take care of the cookies. We have a schedule for the year."

Lewisburg donor Joni McCollum donated platelets at Wednesday's blood drive for her 17th lifetime donation.  Single and double platelet donations take longer than whole blood donations, so being able to donate platelets at Brookhaven gives her more options.

"I can give more often, Joni said. "It has to work into my schedule, especially when you give a double platelet donation."

"They need that bad too, don't they?" Brookville donor David Flora asked about the new platelet and plasma donations at Brookhaven.  David is regular whole blood donor and made his 69th lifetime donation at Wednesday's blood drive.

"It makes it nice if you miss," David said about the new monthly blood drive schedule. "You can start in and go the next month."