April 18, 2019

ENGLEWOOD, Ohio - Englewood donor Mary Brown has given blood a dozen times, including four donations last year at Fairview Brethren in Christ Church blood drives.  But everything was new about her Monday, April 15 donation.

Fairview Brethren hosts a full schedule of six blood drives per year and in 2018 won Community Blood Center's Platinum LifeSaving Ambassadors Club award for exceeding 100 percent of collection goals.

With the April 15 blood drive the church extended the hours and made room for extra equipment to include platelet and plasma donations for the first time.  

Mary Brown was the first to donate platelets Monday, and it was her first ever platelet donation.

"I started giving blood when my grandson went into ROTC," said Mary. "He was going to be in the military and I thought he might need blood someday. When they asked me about giving platelets, I thought 'Why not?' I'm retired, I have the time."

Mary retired from the University of Dayton where she was an associate dean for financial and data analysis.  She asked questions as her phlebotomist guided her through the automated steps of the platelet donation process.

"There's no difference from donating whole blood, really," she said. "It's a little colder, that's all."

Donating next to Mary was Darla Baldonado from West Milton.  She donated platelets for the first time in January when the procedure was added to the Tipp City United Methodist Church blood drive. "They have me signed up for the year," said Darla. "If I can give, I will.  It's important to help people."

CBC is expanding the opportunity for platelet and plasma donations at community blood drives because new platelet and plasma donors are in high demand, especially those with A, AB, or B positive blood types.

Platelets are the cells that control bleeding while plasma is the fluid that carries nutrients and proteins throughout the body. Both are vital for the treatment of cancer, trauma, organ transplant, and burn patients. Find out more at  or talk to an apheresis specialist at (937) 461-3220.

Monday's blood drive at Fairview Brethren totaled 63 donors with 54 whole blood donations and five platelet donations for 120 percent of the collection goal.  Deb Logan is a church member who donated at Monday's blood drive and volunteered to serve juice and Easter cookies to donors in the Donor CafĂ©.

"I'm not one that needles bother me, so I'll do it," said Deb as she scheduled herself for a platelet donation at the next Fairview blood drive on June 27.  "I know it takes a little longer, so I'll read a book!"