April 24, 2019

DAYTON, Ohio - Students at Sinclair College needed determination and a good sense of direction to make it to the library on April 23 and donate at the final campus blood drive of the school year.

Sinclair hosts four blood drives per year with Community Blood Center. The last comes at the end of spring semester with finals just a week away. But writing papers and cramming for exams wasn't the only distraction.

To get to the blood drive students negotiated a labyrinth that included the "Spring Fling" activities of free food, inflatables, and axe-throwing.  They detoured around construction projects in the Pavilion, Building 10, and the library, while dodging the water line repair on Fifth Street.

But blood drive volunteers from Sinclair's Nu Pi chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society were calmly waiting.

"This is a year I've run blood drives and seen a varied amount of people each time," said PTK member and donor Megan Boltz.  "At the end of the semester it's had to bring people in.  But we try as hard as we can, and we get a lot of regulars too."

Despite the busy time of year, Tuesday's final blood drive totaled 33 donors and 26 donations.   It helped Sinclair finish the 2018-2019 blood drive year with a total of 158 donors, including 41 first-time donors and 121 donations for an average of 101 percent of the collection goal.

Sinclair earned Platinum award honors in the CBC LifeSaving Ambassadors Club for topping 100 percent of blood drive collection goals in 2018. It's become a tradition for the volunteers.

"People come by and we say, 'Would you like to donate today?'" said Megan.

Sophomore computer engineering student Saad Halail made his third lifetime donation Tuesday, but admitted to needing a reminder. "My final class is Friday," he said. "I forgot until I saw the blood drive here.  I remember the first time I donated I was walking by the library and saw the sign and said, 'OK, why not?'"

Adelina Geraghty is a home-schooled high school senior now taking classes at Sinclair. The final blood drive of the semester gave her the chance to make her first lifetime donation.

"I personally want to become a doctor, so I'm very interested in everything medical," said Adelina. "I believe there is a lot of need, for blood donations and any kind of medical help."