April 25, 2019

DAYTON, Ohio - Belmont High School's spring blood drive on April 24 topped collection goal thanks to the commitment of student donors and the team work of volunteers from the National Honor Society and the JROTC.

The blood drive totaled 53 students, including 20 first-time donors and 37 donations to reach 106 percent of collection goal.  Belmont's fall and spring blood drives totaled 113 donors and 83 donations.

"It was a good outcome," said Nevaeh Reffett, a JROTC ensign and NHS junior inductee.  "We had a lot of JROTC this year to help run it. The volunteers helped out wherever they could. We even had some volunteers to help running to get people."

"It went great!" said NHS Advisor Tom Peters.  "It worked out because we had appointment slots open and we had people that signed up today."

Junior Madison VanHoose, a JROTC member, made her second lifetime donation with CBC. She was inspired to become a donor when she was 16.  "My grandpa had leukemia and passed away," she said.  "We had a lot of people in uniform here to help."

School nurse Marian Doukoure is the long-time blood drive coordinator at Belmont. Her nephew Jerry Smith's lifetime battle with sickle cell disease has inspired her to encourage young people of diverse ethnic backgrounds to become blood donors.

"He started receiving transfusions when he was five months old," said Marian. "It broke my heart when he would try to stand up when he was nine months old and his foot was so swollen. He had so many flares.  He got a bone marrow transplant at age four and hasn't had a transfusion since."