September 11, 2019

DAYTON, Ohio - It may have seemed like mid-summer on a warm Wednesday, Sept. 11 at the University of Dayton campus, but students were almost too busy to notice as they went about the business of settling in to the fall semester.   Something that did draw attention was the bright red "Blood Drive Today" sign at the RecPlex.

U.D. kicked off the new year of hosting monthly Community Blood Center blood drives Wednesday. The first blood drive of fall totaled 87 donors, including 28 first-time donors and 58 units donated.

"I saw the sign walking by," said first-time donor Aiden Curran, a U.D. graduate and now staff member. "I tried to donate when I was in school but couldn't because I had been to South Korea. So, I thought this is the time to do it."

Aiden is the son of Dan Curran, who retired in 2016 after serving as president of U.D. for 14 years.  He underwent a life-saving liver transplant a year ago and Aiden said his dad is doing well.

Multiple student organizations, including service fraternities and sororities, will serve as volunteer sponsors of the eight blood drives on campus this academic year.  The Dental Interest Group was one of Wednesday's sponsors. Pre-dental students Kayleigh Koski, Brennan Mooney, Josh Besl, Will Edwards, and Alex Kurdziel helped out by serving juice and cookies to donors.

"My friend's sorority is one of the sponsors," said first-time donor Ava Stokes, a sophomore from Cincinnati. "They promoted it and I said I would do it."

U.D. students are quick to respond when asked to support Community Blood Center's eight campus blood drives. U.D.'s total for the 2018-2019 academic year was 596 donors, 206 first-time donors, and 505 donations.

Donor Audrey Bennett, a senior from Lancaster, Ohio, summed up the spirit of giving at U.D. as she broke into a smile while donating.  Audrey is a communications major with a minor in religious studies who was drawn to U.D. because of her faith.

"I want to work with youth ministry," said Audrey. "I love the innocence of kids. They're so open. They're goofballs! But they're so inherently good, silly and full of life. I'm definitely good, silly and full of life also!"

U.D.'s next fall blood drive will be Oct. 23 from 12 noon to 6 p.m. at the RecPlex.