November 25, 2019

DAYTON, Ohio - Beavercreek donor Judy LaMusga captured a dream and felt lighter than air after achieving her 500th lifetime donation Nov. 22 at the Dayton Community Blood Center. She is just the second female donor with CBC to reach the milestone and ranks 10th overall.

"This has been a dream for a long time, to reach 500. I've worked and worked," said Judy.   "I've cancelled trips because I couldn't come in, I would be deferred. I've not gotten medical procedures done because I could be deferred. I've done everything to try and reach this 500. This is just important to me. I know I'm nuts!"

Judy is second only to CBC's top female donor, Katie Ellis from Kettering, who made her 549th donation Friday as Judy made her 500th.  Both Judy and Katie regularly donate platelets, an important blood component for clotting and vital for the treatment of cancer, trauma, transplant and burn patients.

Judy has been donating platelets since the early 80's, averaging 20 donations per year, and has served CBC as a loyal advocate for blood donations.

Judy was an original organizer in CBC's LifeLeader recruitment program and was honored with CBC's Award of Distinction in 1998.  When she reached her 400th donation in 2014 she received a letter of commendation from the Ohio Senate and was honored as a Dayton Dragons Community All-Star.

In 2018 Judy represented CBC in giving proponent testimony for the Ohio January Blood Donor Awareness Month legislation before the House Health Committee.

Judy is an Ohio State graduate and lifelong Buckeye fan. She earned a Masters in Administration at Wright State University and spent 35 years with the Montgomery County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities.  She then earned a law degree at the University of Dayton and continues to run her own practice.

Every other Friday morning, you'll find her at the Dayton CBC, donating alongside her fellow platelet donors.

"500 is a huge number. It's amazing to me," said Judy. "I want to run out and jump in the air and click by heals together and say 500!

"Most people would look at me and say, why did you do that?   Why is that so important? And I go, you just don't understand how many lives that could have been, that either my platelets or my blood, could have saved. You just don't realize that."