Organize a Blood Drive

Blood Drive Planning Timeline

Before the Drive

14+ Weeks Before Drive
  • Confirm blood drive details including date, time, and location.
  • Add blood drive date to school, company, or community calendar.
  • Set blood drive goal.
  • Set up an appointment for a planning session between blood drive chairperson and CBC Account Representative.
8+ Weeks Before Drive
  • Gather a group of Ambassadors.
  • First strategic meeting with blood drive chairperson and CBC Account Representative.
  • Confirm blood drive goal.
  • Form a Recruitment team.
  • Distribute promotional and recruitment materials provided by CBC.
  • Determine incentive and promotional items.
3-4 Weeks Before Drive
  • Recruit and schedule donors.
  • Publicizes the blood drive and distribute CBC promotional materials.
  • Personally ask donors face to face to give blood.
  • Schedule appointments via
1 Week Before Drive
  • Make final preparations.
  • Confirm details of the blood drive.
  • Remind donors of appointments.
  • Review sign ups in
  • Make a final push to fill remaining appointments.
  • Communicate with your CBC Account Representative.

Day of the Drive

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  • Provide any directional items if necessary.
  • Verify room is available at least one hour prior to the start of the blood drive and allow for one hour after the blood drive for CBC to return the room to its original state.
  • Final reminders to donors. 
  • Enjoy the day! You are saving lives!


Results and Post Drive Analysis

After the Drive
  • CBC Account Representative will provide your blood drive results.
  • CBC will thank blood donors for their donations via letters, emails, and/or calls.
  • We encourage you to provide feedback about your blood drive to your CBC Account Representative and complete an online survey sent to you via email after the completion of your blood drive.
  • It's important to recognize and thank your Recruitment Ambassadors.
  • Confirm/book date of your next blood drive.

Download a PDF of the Blood Drive Planning Timeline.