CRITICAL NEED for type O and B- blood donors.
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Sunshine & Saving Lives T-Shirt
July 3 - Aug 31
Save some of your summer vacation time for helping saving lives. Register to donate with CBC July 3 thru Aug. 31 and receive the 'Sunshine & Saving Lives' t-shirt. Save lives... soak up some sunshine... and you've got it made in the shade!
Let's go with Joe!
July 31 - Sept. 3
Follow quarterback Joe Burrow and his Bengals all the way to the Super Bowl! Register to donate blood during this time of critical need at any CBC mobile blood drive or the Dayton CBC Donation Center July 31 to Sept. 3 and be automatically entered in the drawing for two Bengals regular season tickets!

We are excited for you to try the new time-saving DonorXPress. Watch the video to learn more! DonorXPress can only be completed on the same day you plan to donate.