September 15, 2021

DAYTON, Ohio - Community Blood Center is honoring Centerville's Warm Glow Candle Company for a commitment to the regional blood supply that has burned bright before and during the dark days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CBC presented the special recognition Blood Drop Award to Warm Glow for its outstanding partnership in 2019, which include supporting key holiday blood drives at Reid Health.  CBC also presented the "Crisis Hero" award to Warm Glow for hosting blood drives during the pandemic year of 2020.

CBC's Melinda Frech presented both awards to Warm Glow owner Jackie Carberry and office manager Lena Haviland. "COVID changed our plans for presenting the Blood Drop honor to you earlier," said CBC's Melinda Frech.  "We honor you also for stepping up as a 'Crisis Hero' blood drive sponsor."

The demand for blood never takes a holiday, nor does patient care at Reid Health.  Warm Glow donated candles for donor gifts at both the July 2, 2019 "Red, White & Blue" July 4th holiday week blood drive and the Dec. 26, 2019 Christmas week blood drive at Reid.

"We love that you use our candles for your blood drives," said Jackie Carberry. "We are invested in the community and we are very much supported by the community. We feel it's a good way to give back."

The scent of Warm Glow Candles helped Reid's July 4th week blood drive total 263 donors and the Christmas week blood drive drew 174 donors.

"It was heart-wrenching to have to close down our factory and our store," Jackie said about the challenge of the pandemic. When Warm Glow re-opened, it partnered with CBC to host blood drives in September and December of 2020 at its retail store. It will host another holiday blood drive on Dec. 2.

The company traditionally sponsored the "Warm Glow Days" blood drives during Thanksgiving week at the Richmond CBC Donation Center up until the branch closing in 2015, then transitioned to the Reid Health holiday blood drives.

"My son gives blood and part of the reason he gives is because I am a cancer survivor," said Jackie. "There was a time in my life when I needed blood, so this is something near and dear."

Warm Glow's Centerville factory produces 8,000 to 10,000 candles per day for sale in 2,000 stores across the nation.  "We are all so proud that you have come back, and that people want our product and it's a draw for you," said Jackie.